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Cleanse Skin + Removes Stubborn Makeup Traces + Reusable

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What's in it All the feels Formulation


Reusable & Biodegradable

Gentle On Skin -These reusable rounds pads is fit for most dry, sensitive or oil skin and delicate eye

Multi-Function: It can be Facial Makeup Remover, Eye Makeup Remover, Foundation Simple Makeup Remover, also works for Eye Shadow, Mascara, Lipstick, Liners and More! Everything comes clean, no stains and remains soft, promotes healthy skin

*Reusable Make Up pads will be sent in random colours.

Country of Origin: China
Imported & Marketed By: Earth Rhythm Pvt. Ltd
Company Address: Plot No.834, Udyog Vihar, Phase-5, Gurugram-122022


Fragrance Free


Soft Pad


We don’t use transparent packaging because vital ingredients become less effective when exposed to air and light. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and actively seek sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging.


We follow the truth – not what’s trending. Our formulas are supported and verified by extensive research that we share with you at every step. We formulate with active ingredients in appropriate concentrations & stable pH levels. Every product is tested by an independent research centre for irritation and safety.


We use everything your skin needs and leave out the icky stuff that it does not need. All our products are completely fragrance free and never tested on animals. We check to a level where the even the raw materials sourced are 100% cruelty free. We never test on animals at any stage of product development. We are proud PETA verified.


Reusable & Biodegradable

Gentle On Skin -These reusable rounds pads is fit for most dry, sensitive or oil skin and delicate eye

Multi-Function: It can be Facial Makeup Remover, Eye Makeup Remover, Foundation Simple Makeup Remover, also works for Eye Shadow, Mascara, Lipstick, Liners and More! Everything comes clean, no stains and remains soft, promotes healthy skin

*Reusable Make Up pads will be sent in random colours.


Fragrance Free


Soft Pad


It is our practice to use raw materials that are sourced in an environmentally and ethically responsible manner. Our products are biodegradable and minimally packed with recycled and recyclable materials. Our packaging is over 99% plastic free. Our natural ingredients will not add synthetic chemicals into our ecosystems.


Our recipes are designed in house using knowledge from research and ingredients from nature. We use certified organic ingredients–herbs and flowers, vegetables and fruits, sustainable oils and butters and pure essential oils to create products that will nourish your skin and be kind to our planet.


We are Organic Certified Company. We work hard to obtain organic certification each and every year. Organic certification is the only way you can be sure a company’s product truly complies with organic standards. It is a constant reminder of our commitment to our customers and our planet.

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it does what it says

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Good to use

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Earth Rhythm Reusable Makeup Remover Cleansing Pads

If you wear makeup, you probably purchase disposable makeup remover pads on a regular basis. Disposable makeup wipes, while quick and easy, are extremely drying to the skin and do not clean deeply into pores. Single-use wipes are made up of a large amount of plastic that takes hundreds of years to degrade, contributing significantly to the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills.

The usage of chemicals (particularly pesticides), the consumption of water, and the destruction of wildlife habitats to make room for agricultural land to grow cotton are the most serious difficulties with cotton pads. When you consider how much damage this cotton produces, using it for only one use is a horrible idea. To make matters worse, disposable cotton pads are packaged in non-recyclable single-use plastic.

Not only are you spending money on something you'll only use for a few minutes before discarding, but the product will also end up in a landfill, where it will take an average of 100 years to decompose.

Plus, when flushed down toilets, they clog sewers and pollute the ocean, affecting water quality and sea life. Reusable facial washing pads are a far better option; they're also much more cost-effective in the long term, and you won't have to remember to repurchase them.

Fortunately, reusable makeup remover/cleansing pads options are reusable, reducing the cotton industry's environmental impact. They can be reused over 1000 times, lowering both the demand for cotton and the quantity of waste that ends up in landfills without sacrificing your beauty regimen. They are best to take off even the most delicate of areas, like that of your eye makeup.

They are amazing on your skin

Reusable makeup remover/cleansing pads are constructed from all-natural components like organically cultivated cotton and work wonders on our skin. These textiles are ideal for all skin types due to their suppleness. 

They're perfect for removing everyday makeup and sensitive areas like the eyes. These velvety-soft pads can be used to apply toners, lotions, or even makeup powder if necessary. They're also great for removing stubborn makeup (bye bye, red lipstick stains!) and gently exfoliating the skin to improve circulation.

They will not cause a hole in your pocket 

One of the best features of reusable makeup remover/cleansing pads is that they will last you for over 1000 washes! So, for a modest investment, you may save a lot of money while also reducing your carbon footprint.

They are beneficial to the environment.

Many disposable cotton pads are comprised of synthetic fibres, which are single-use plastic, and they also come packed in a plastic sleeve. When you consider that the average person uses one sleeve every month, that's a lot of wasted plastic.

How To Clean And Care For Pads?

If you're thinking about decreasing your environmental effect and want to start using reusable makeup remover pads, you're undoubtedly wondering how to properly wash and care for them, as well as what you can do to make them last longer.

Place your pads in a mesh laundry bag and wash them with your light-coloured items on a warm wash cycle (up to 40°C, 104°F) with a gentle detergent. Allow the pads to air dry. When washing your pads, avoid using fabric softener or bleach. You can also hand wash this organic cotton, gentle on skin pad. 

What to use when washing reusable makeup remover/cleansing pads? 

It is not recommended to use fabric softener, stain remover, or bleach when washing bamboo makeup pads. Fabric softener can build up on the pads as soon as it is added to the washing machine, weakening the fabric and reducing its absorbency substantially. Washing your pads without fabric softener maintains the optimum absorbency of the rounds, and the bamboo fabric becomes softer and more absorbent with each wash.

Many fabric softeners are petroleum-based and include animal fat, which you should avoid putting on your skin. If you like to use fabric softener on your clothes, you can easily make your own by mixing white vinegar with the essential oil of your choice. Without any hint of vinegar, this mixture will soften your laundry and give it a nice aroma.

How can you make your reusable makeup remover/cleansing pads last longer?

After using your reusable makeup remover/cleansing pads, give them a brief wash with warm water and a bar of soap. By not using the washing machine, you can remove most of your makeup off the pads promptly and limit the amount of wear on the fabric. The majority of the time, I don't even use the washing machine to clean my pads; a fast rinse in warm soapy water suffices.

Avoid drying your pads in the tumble dryer, especially at high temperatures, to keep them in good condition for longer, since this can cause excessive wear and shrinking in the fabric. Bamboo fabric (rayon from bamboo) should be air dried if one is accessible, ideally on a clothesline. If you air dry your pads, they will hold their shape better, but they will still be effective and useable if you use the dryer.

Which laundry bag is best for washing reusable makeup remover pads?

To avoid your pads from going missing in the wash and to protect them from hooks, zippers, and harsh materials that can shorten the life of your reusable face rounds, wash them in a robust mesh laundry bag.

How to store them?

Keep used pads in a mesh laundry bag of your choice until you've exhausted your eco-friendly supply and need to wash them.

To prevent dust and moisture from collecting in the fabric, keep your clean pads in a pouch of some sort. The Earth Rhythm package includes a plush travel pouch, ideal for storing your clean reusable pads!


Reusable makeup remover pads can last a long time, but if you need to replace them, you can recycle the old ones at a clothing and textile recycling facility near you.

Reusable makeup remover pads by Earth Rhythm are made using all natural and organic material without causing any damage to mother nature.


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